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Gawker Hacked

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Gawker Media is telling all of their current subscribers to immediately change their active passwords because of a security breach that they recently experienced from a hacker who managed to get into the system. Although the passwords on the server are in fact encrypted, they said it is still important to take all necessary measures to change them because some could be vulnerable to attack from hackers.

The company expressed their concern over the situation, saying that any passwords that there were same as those stored by Gawker Media should be changed immediately.

They also said that they are quite embarrassed by what happened and that they were not anticipating it at all. The company stated that they plan on improving their security loopholes as soon as possible to prevent future incidents and regret that they had to learn their lesson the hard way.
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Because of Gawker’s ties to so many different other websites like Gimodo, there will likely be a number of people affected by the recent hacking that was perpetrated on the website.

Even though those passwords on Gawker’s site were protected by an algorithm, hackers still managed to find out what they were and take advantage of what they found.

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