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George Bronk Facebook User Hacks Women’s Emails

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Nicci Atchley from Tulsa has almost 4,000 friends and she says that she doesn’t know nearly all of them.

According Tulsa police sergeant Ron Kawano,she is the kind of target which men like George Bronk look for when trying to run scams. Bronk has confessed to using Facebook to hack multiple e-mail accounts and says that he targeted forty women and was able to gain access to their email accounts.

Ron adds that these kinds of cases are not uncommon at all and that he sees them all the time.

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Police say that there are too many people who too easily accept friend requests without knowing who they are approving.

There are a lot of people who use Facebook as a way to get sensitive information from unsuspecting people who end up getting taken advantage of because they are easy targets.

Bronk claims that everyone is doing it and says that he used the email accounts to search for naked pictures of the women, sending them to everyone on the person’ address book, using status updates to figure out the answers to security questions.

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