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Gmail Down

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Gmail Down – Gmail was down for a short period of time today. During that instance the popular email service showed a 502 server error every time that a user attempted to log in. Many users saw the error, and assumed that it was a problem on their end and never attempted to log back in until later in the day.The users that were not able to log in to their Gmail accounts posted their problems around the web on a number of different blogs.
The Huffington Post would later report that Gmail did in fact go down, because of an apparent server issue. Many of the users faced problems accessing their Gmail accounts as the server displayed a temporary error message every time that a user attempted to log in. Google requested that the user try to log in after around 30 more seconds.

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The problem persisted for only a few minutes, but the posts around the Internet continued for several more hours. Later in the day, the Huffington Post reported that the email service was back up and running without any problems for users anywhere in the world.
This is a rare episode that is not seen in Google services all that often, but a worrying one none the less.

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