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Those who use Twitter will want to be on the lookout for an especially malicious worm which targets users of this social networking site. What it does is send out tweets with a link that goes directly back to an antivirus application that is anything but what it sounds like.

The link actually goes to a worm that infects the person’s computer and causes all sorts of problems.

URL shortening has become a problem for people who use many different websites, especially those which are intended for social networking.

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Although administrators of websites like Twitter and Pandora’s Box try their best to make sure that such worms and viruses do not become a problem, sometimes it is impossible to stop all of them.

So far there have been thousands of reports from Twitter users that their accounts have been hacked and they have experienced all different kinds of troubles since it started to spread around the social networking site.

Even though shortened URLs are not always intended to be malicious in anyway, sometimes people use them to do bad things like get into people’s computers and spread worms that can take over in a matter of minutes and cause a wide range of problems.

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