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Google Background:Google Removes Background

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Remove Google Background

Google Background:Google Removes Background – The Google background image annoyed many people today. At one point, Google decided to actually turn off the background image. The image, which appeared to be very similar to the way that rival search engine Bing implements their own background image on their home page, upset many users. In fact, throughout the ordeal it became clear that many users use Google for its simplicity, and not for the search engine’s wonderful pictures and great looks. Ultimately, it is the search results that help the user make a choice about which search engine suits them the most.

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Before, you could turn off the background image using a text link on the bottom left hand corner of the page. A number of users turned to the social networking platforms, and even Google itself to figure out how to get rid of the background image that was showing up for users across the world.
It became clear very early on in the experiment that the users were just not happy with the idea. Perhaps if they let the user turn the background image on, instead of having the background automatically appear, this wouldn’t be such a problem for the users. Opting in always works better than opting out.
One of the largest complaints was that some of the background they placed on the page hurt the eyes. A number of them made the text on the page hard to read, and even forced some users to use a different search engine until the problem became cleared up, which it apparently has.

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