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Google Body Browser: Human Anatomy In 3D

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Almost everyone knows about Google Maps, because they have been around a long time.
They span thousands of miles going around streets, cities, and even oceans. But now it seems as though Google has become dissatisfied with limiting themselves to mapping the geography of the land and they are going for something a little bit different, the human body.
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Apparently Google will be coming out with a new feature on their website called “Body Browser” which allows users to explore the different parts of the human body from multiple zoom angles.

The 3D view of the human body will soon be available to those who are interested.
Body Browser is highly anticipated by science enthusiasts and those who are just curious about how it is going to work.

This new software development comes after the invention of both Google Streets and Google Earth, two game-changing features that earned Google the reputation it has today on the internet. There is no doubt that it is a different kind of move for Google, but then again they are always setting the bar higher and trying new things. In 2009 Google Earth was officially updated to include the exploration of oceans and now it seems as though the human body is next.

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