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Google Launch

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Google Launch – In a recent move to bolster their e-commerce presence online, Google has released a new website called, in time for consumers to take advantage of it for the holiday season. The timing is no coincidence and Google admits that they planned the launch of the new website for around Christmas time, hoping that it would generate a lot of traffic for the new online shop which will make all different types of items available to those who are interested.

It allows online web browsers to visit the site and create their own shop by customizing and coming up with a fashion style that is all their own.

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Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the new and upcoming website is the fact that it lets users search according to all different types of criteria, including patterns, silhouette, size, and colors. Google has stated that it is going to change the way people shop for and sell clothes online, making a number of styles and fashion available to people on the web. Apparently this new website from Google has been in the works for a number of years. The company has stated that it took them a while to really develop the idea in order to come up with an e-commerce idea that was unique and would draw in a lot of people.

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