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Google Broke Competition Laws

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Google is at the battlefront again as the US Justice Department is investigating whether Google has been fixing it’s search results in their favor.

If Google is found guilty of such a practice they might have to fork over $500 million for breaching competition laws. Something is up at Google as they felt it necessary to set aside the $500 million in case of a settlement.

That smells like Google realized it got busted and is ready to dish out the dough to settle things but the ramifications could be devastating.

Google’s staff shored up their defenses as their stock price fell 6 percent since first quarter earnings. The oncoming regulatory investigations has investors on edge as they’ll wan to know what other types of things are going on that the cops are interested in.

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Google has been in the hair of the Justice Department for some time and it may or not be a case of someone at Google not watching the barn door. With the numerous employees it has and the troubles that arise like in this case where a group of disgruntled ad customers complained and the Justice Department responded.

If Google is found to be on the foul side of things it may or may not be a devastating blow. There are companies out there praying for Google to fall and that includes governments who feel Google has grown too big for their britches.

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