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Google Buys – Visual Shopping Engine

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Google Buys – Visual Shopping Engine – Google has made another major purchase in acquiring the visual shopping engine Years after the rumors first emerged that Google was interested in purchasing the company, it appears to have finally come to fruition. The CEO and co-founder Munjal Shah announced the deal on the company’s homepage on Friday, saying that he thought it was the right move for both companies.

“We see joining Google as a way to super-size our vision and supercharge our passion,” his note reads has been expanding the ways that they do business. They provide a physical picture for each of their items and allow the user to get a good look at exactly what they are looking to purchase.

This purchase could mean a number of different things. Will Google start offering “Like-styled” search results and earn a commission on each of the sales? This would not be good for Internet Marketers who are attempting to sell products online.

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“We’ve developed technology that lets us understand visually what terms like ‘red high-heeled pumps’ and ‘floral patterned sleeveless dress’ mean and created algorithms to understand whether those pumps complement or clash with that dress,” the company said regarding their technology.

It will be interesting to see how Google is able to put the new technology to use. With changes clearly coming in the future, they have positioned themselves to greatly increase their revenue through this purchase alone. Google has also been rumored to be starting their own social networking platform.

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