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Google Call Phone: Google Voice iPhone App A Hit

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Google Call Phone: Google Voice iPhone App A Hit – Google Voice and Gmail have recently teamed up to make the newest phone within your reach something that most people have their hands on at all times—their computer.

The company has come up with an application that allows Gmail users to place a phone call to anywhere in the world, right through their Gmail interface. If a user is calling a mobile phone or landline in the U.S., the call is free. However, if the call is to another country, there will be a small fee that is dependent upon the area and whether or not the call is being placed to a landline or cell phone.

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Many Gmail users have already been offered the option to use Google Voice, which requires consumers to download a small client that adds the echo cancellation and other software, which was developed by Global IP Solutions, Vidyo, and Google.
Although the service seems to hold a lot of potential, many technology experst are seeing a lot of holes in the technology, which puts it behind major internet-phone based company, Skype.
It remains to be seen whether or not Google will take the criticisms to heart and fix up the service, or whether it will remain the same.

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