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Google Cars Drive Themselves

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Google Cars Drive Themselves – Google is testing technology that is used to build a car that drives itself. Google engineers have already been able to drive a fleet of the cars around the San Francisco Bay Area. They have now traveled a total of over 140,000 miles to date.

They are able to navigate the roads, but are still considered to be in the experimental stage. Google has said that it hoped that the technology would be used to develop cars that drive themselves down the road. This would cut back on the number of lives lost in auto accidents. That figure reached 1.2 million last year.

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The cars use technology that was sponsored by DARPA. The organization has long been involved in the technology used for cars to navigate by themselves. Google brought a number of individuals over from that team including Chris Urmson, the technical team leader of the CMU team. They ended up winning the 2007 urban challenge.

Although the cars have piloted themselves, all of their driving so far has been done with a man inside the vehicle who can take over at any given time. This was announced to assure Bay Area drivers that they did not have to share the road with an unmanned vehicle. Google has not said how many times their vehicles have needed to be taken over thus far. It will be interesting to see where the technology leads from here on out. Perhaps one day all cars will be self-driven.

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