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Google Chrome Filters Domains Search Results

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Google has recently come out with an experimental extension feature for their web browser “Chrome” which allows users to effectively filter out all of the individual domain name search results in all of the pages.

The company has stated that this new extension is a means of gathering information about companies which they consider to be “undesirables”, so it can fight back against what it has called web spam.

This is a growing problem that has entered the public’s consciousness as of recently with the story about how Google was fooled by JC Penney into spamming millions of users with fake websites the company had made up.

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Although the clothing company is not claiming direct responsibility, there is a possibility that they knew what was going on at the time.

Many people across the web believe that this is the result of numerous complaints from users that Google has been unable to control the quality of the results with multiple problems popping up what seems like every single day.

In January of this year Google announced that their sophisticated search engine algorithm had changed to help with the problem of web spam, but it seems as though it is still a significant problem that needs to be dealt with.

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