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Google Conversation View:New Gmail Feature Option Non-Threaded

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Google Conversation View:New Gmail Feature Option Non-Threaded – In Gmail, Conversation view allows you to group all messages sent in response to a discussion triggered by the same original message. The user gets a thread with replies to replies displayed below each other, the most recent message listed first. A thread can contain up to 100 messages, in the Gmail mailbox, only one message shows up, which saves space.

It seems that this Conversation view mode that was one of Gmail’s innovative features since the beginning was not well accepted by all users.

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According to a technical manager at Google, this Conversation View is either adored or hated. So far some users will find it very convenient, as many others will be disturbed by it.

Google has decided to please everyone by fixing Gmail settings to enable or disable conversation view. Conversation View is now optional. Will this end the disagreements surrounding this feature.

The choice is left to each, with the option at any time to go back. This is probably the best solution to satisfy everyone. Small irony, note that this view is optional for Gmail conversation at a time when Windows Live Hotmail just started to use it.

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