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Google Doodle: Wizard of Oz 71st Anniversary

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Google Doodle: Wizard of Oz – Google is known for being out there and a little different to the pack, so it’s no wonder that when it comes to celebrating anniversaries it has a tendency to pick odd numbers, instead of the usual nice, rounded numbers.

The latest in this trend is Google celebrating 71 years since the Wizard of Oz was first released. The image on Google’s home page was of the Wizard of Oz characters, including Toto, moving towards their destination of the Emerald City all the way down the famous yellow-brick road.

Google is also known to celebrate famous occurrences in culture, bring visual salutes to composer Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, science heavy-weight Isaac Newton, and novelist H.G. Wells, many of whom have impacted our every day life, from different perspectives and areas in this world.

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Google has been known to do what they want, when they want. They have the money to, they have the power to, and they have the creative minds to do what they want and to buck the norm.

Vivaldi’s doodle came on what would have been his 332nd birthday. Newton received his as a 367th birthday present. Wells got the doodle treatment on a 143rd birthday. Maybe google will celebrated it’s 46th year of being around if it makes it that long, rather than it’s 50th?

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