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Google E-book Site Launches: Should Amazon Be Worried?

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In an effort to challenge in the marketplace, Google has decided to become an online merchant of e-books.

This action was taken as a result of’s incredibly popular Kindle, which has managed to sell very well since it was first released onto the market. So far there are 15 million books that have been scanned in for people to download on this new section of Google; they can simply go on, find the e-book they want, and purchase it to use with their Kindle. Although there will certainly be many people who will not be happy about the change from free to paid e-books, Google feels it is a necessary change to make.

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Overall there are a total of 4,000 publishers, consisting of Random House, the Penguin Group, and many more who have supplied titles for Google’s e-book inventory.

Initially there will be 3 million titles available for download, and many of them will be new and upcoming titles. There is no doubt that Google is happy with the deal made with all of the book publishers, which means that they will get all of the new titles that come out each month. The new change will bring in a whole new set of customers who are looking to purchase titles for their Kindle at a relatively inexpensive price.

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