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Google Earnings Q1 2010

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Google Earnings Q1 2010 – Google has been the leading innovator in online advertising, and has consistently seen their earnings jump from quarter to quarter. This quarter will be no different, either. Google’s first quarter earnings topped the estimations of many experts around the globe, and that may signal that the consumer is spending again and advertising online is seeing a resurgence. During the first quarter Google was able to earn $1.96 Billion. That figure puts their earnings at $6.06 per share in the quarter. Last year Google was able to earn $1.42 Billion, $4.49 per share in the first quarter.

The $6.76 a share that Google reported today is 16 cents higher than the $6.60 that was forecasted by a group of analysts that were polled by Thomson Reuters. Google not only has a solid grip on the online advertising market, they have also been very aggressive in the mobile market as well, and have released numerous phones since their mobile device, Google G1, was released to rave reviews and touted as an iPhone competitor a little more than a year ago.
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Although the company may have delivered a positive report, the company still saw their stock fall in after market trading. Some have speculated that this may be because Google failed to meet the “whisper number,” which is a number that is circulated by the Wall Street journal before the earnings announcement. Investors may also be concerned about increasing regulations and legal problems that the company has faced in recent months. While the company may be expanding into new markets, that also means that they will be facing an increasing amount of competition from those same markets.

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