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Google Giving Away $10 Million : Struggling To Do It

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Google Giving Away $10 Million : Struggling To Do It – Now I bet you’re trying to figure out if you read that title right, correct? How could you struggle to give away money to people who really deserve and need it? Well the tenth anniversary of Google which fell in 2008 came with a promise from the company that they will give away $10 million dollars. The catch, you have to present the best five technology ideas that you can think of that can change and improve the world. The event was given the name, “Project 10×00.” The name actually has a cool play on words suggesting that 10 to the 100th power express the number “Googol” which is one followed by one hundred zero’s. Google always has something interesting going on.

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Google’s idea behind this one was very good. Give away $10 million dollars and potentially have 5 new gadgets or technology related idea’s to start a new website or business around. If they give $10 million to the right places it could have a good affect on the company. Some of the idea’s include building a financial and banking system far superior to what’s available today or building a user-reported news website.
The end of the competition might be coming sooner than we thought because Google recently closed public voting on the 16 finalists that were chosen out of 150,000 ideas submitted during October in 2009. However, it has been over eight months and the company still hasn’t announced any winners.
If you try to send an email to the project headquarters it will just be bounced which gives us the idea that they may have closed the account. No one from Google has been able to respond about the unannounced winners and the finalists are growing with anger. All that we have to hold onto is the underlying hope from the statement they released suggesting, “We’ll announce the winning big ideas in the near future.”

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