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Google Goes After Site Scrapers With Change In Algorithm

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The new algorithm which Google has come up with is helping to reduce the amount of spam in the search results which people get.

The changes that the search engine company has made are the direct result of criticism which they came under fire for, stating that Google’s search results were too filled with webspam.
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There are multiple ways for people who want to rank their spam high to do so and it appears to be working with an increasing number of spam sites getting ranked on top pages.

Google has taken measures to ensure that it will not be such a problem in the future though, so there is less of a need for web users to worry about it when they are going online to search for something.

Google has announced that the new algorithm should effectively keep the webspam down to a minimum so that web browsers do not have a problem with sorting through results until they find what they want.

The new extension which is built into Google Chrome will help with redirecting some of the Stack Overflow from spammers who are trying to fill up the first search result pages on the search engine for personal gain.

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