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Google Goggles Sudoku

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Even though at one point the puzzle game of Sudoku seemed like an impossible mystery to some, now just about any modern mobile phone will be able to solve it within seconds, something that is somewhat disillusioning for many who enjoy the challenge.

There is a new application for mobile phones from Google called Google Goggles which is able to take a picture taken of a Sudoku puzzle and then analyze it to come up with the answer in an extremely short period of time.

The picture of the puzzle is sent to Google and the company’s servers go right to work on it, eventually sending an image of the completed puzzle back to the person who originally sent it.

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The time it takes for the application to send back the completed puzzle depends on the speed of the user’s internet connection, as it varies depending on the location and company providing it. Phil McNeil of the Daily Telegraph says that this recent application is a sad day for puzzles, as the technology is able to solve just about anything you throw at it. The application marks a turning point in this type of technology which has become increasingly sophisticated over the years to help people with whatever they may need, including solving certain puzzles.

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