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Google Hires Lobbyists To Fight Antitrust Investigation

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Google is loaded for bear regarding the FTC’s impending antitrust probe into the company.

Google says it has hired 12 lobbying firms to help them in battling the FTC in this regard.

The FTC had been digging around Google regarding whether the company engaged in unfair practices in dominating the search engine market so the company is now readying up it’s defenses by hiring the firms to let lawmakers know their side of the story.

Problems started when Google engaged in that public fiasco where they were downloading information from unsecured wireless networks. They’re facing some possible wiretap charges right then and there.

On top of that are the popular Google ‘Android’ phones that are under scrutiny as having tracking devices and other such software applications of a questionable nature.

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Surprisingly, these accusations against Google came from the alternative news sites that also state that Google is a CIA associated company that has been engaging in spying on the population while using Google as a front.

If this emerges from the FTC probe there will be Hell to pay.

The ramifications would be catastrophic as Google’s stock shares would all but disintegrate.

Google has grown to such prominence and power that its slightest decision can change entire markets for the billions.

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