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Google Instant – Instant Search Live Result

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Google Instant – Instant Search Live Result – Today Google unveiled their new Google Instant feature that they have been hinting at for weeks. Google Instant allows you to have search results displayed as you type, and is able to predict what you are looking for as you are typing. Google has promoted the new feature as “faster than the speed of type,” and it will instantly change the way that business is done on the Internet. Google is using new caching systems, along with updated Javascript technology to help browser keep up with the search engine results.

Google Instant will allow users to click through to content faster than ever before. However, the new results will completely change the way that the search engine optimization community caters to the world’s largest search engine.

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Some experts have stated that Google Instant means that no one will see the same results at any given time anymore, which can make optimizing the results hard for businesses. Could this potentially change the way that businesses look at utilizing online sources of traffic?
Brand names will benefit heavily from the altered search results. When you type the letter “B,” you are given a number of results including BART, Bank of America, Best Buy and Bing. This will likely result in many people clicking through to pages that they are not interested in seeing, just because the service recommends it to them. It will be interesting to see how businesses react to the change in Google, and how the search engine optimization industry changes.

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