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Google Instant Not Working – Instant Search Google Glitch

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Google Instant Not Working – Instant Search Google Glitch – Earlier today Google launched their latest product called Google Instant which is basically the web giant predicting your search as you type.

For example when you type the letter B the terms Bank of America, Best Buy etc.. automatically pop up in order to help you find what you are seeking more rapidly.

Many users on the internet are complaining that the newly launched tool is out of service this evening.

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While here in California we can see that it is functioning perfectly, it appears to be down for millions of other Googlers all over the world.

The search giant which has yet to release a statement on the cause of the outage is most-likely tweaking their new tool for better performance- which could explain the down time.

According to our own investigation Google Instant works on some browsers and not others. Google Iinstant search seems to have problems with IE8 and the latest Firefox. It works fine on Chrome. We will keep you posted on the matter.

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