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Google Launches New Image Search

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Google Launches New Image Search – Google has listened to the pleas of Apps administrators and have launched user policy management for Google Apps. The move has long been considered a step that Google needed to make. The feature will push Google apps forward, making the service a robust, attractive business application.
Administrators can now divide users into organizational units, which will create a structure that will be similar to Microsoft’s Active Directory. The ability to segment and create user groups makes it easy for administrators to control which apps each user has access to as an a individual. With the number of cloud-based application Google now offers, the user policy management feature will allow administrators to restrict access to certain apps.

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The official blog stated that they believed that this change would be most beneficial to organizations and businesses. It would also allow companies to test the viability of apps within their business structure by allowing certain user groups to test the application before the company decides to make a change.
The Google Apps Directory Synch will also mirror the Active Directory, or any other directory access protocol utility. Users will be able to be assigned to different organizational units that are defined by administrators within the company’s account.
This is a huge step forward, and makes Google Apps more viable for businesses. Previously, the apps had been disconnected, disjointed, and lacked sophisticated user management, forcing many companies to shy away from using their system. It will be interesting to see how this change permanently changes the face of Google Apps.

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