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Google Leaving China? Monday Announcement

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Google Leaving China? Monday Announcement – Google has left many wondering if they plan on pulling their search engine capabilities out of China after the country asked Google to censor their search results. While the company had agreed to filter certain results in the beginning, the list continued to grow throughout their stay in China until Google announced that they would no longer agree to filtering their search results for visitors from China. China typically asked Google to filter results that had past political connections, or allowed users from China access to defamatory materials that spoke badly about the Chinese government or socialism.

It is expected that Google will pull out of China, as an agreement on the issue is not very likely. Several sources have quoted an unnamed Google employee that claims that the company has already made its decision on the matter, and that they will be pulling out of China sooner rather than later. Many have speculated that Google would choose to filter only those results that defamed the Chinese government, and would refuse to filter results for historic events, such as the events that happened in Tienanmen square in the 1980s.
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Google pulling out of China would hurt a large number of businesses that commonly advertise on the search engine. Of course, there will be ways around this that will allow these companies to continue using the search engine if they choose to, but it is highly unlikely that these companies will be able to find another advertising platform with as large of a user base as Google. While other options are available, Google stake in the search engine market makes them the best option for companies that are looking to advertise their services online. It is not clear at this time if Google will still allow Chinese companies to advertise using their platform.

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