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Google Me? : Google Answer to Facebook?

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Google Me? : Google Answer to Facebook? – Rumors have stated that Google is attempting to build their own social networking site titled “Google Me.” Google has made it no secret that they are attempting to expand their business to other technology related fields, especially with their recent announcement of their upcoming Google TV service, which will bring applications to your television set. While they have not publicly commented on their desire to create a social networking service to rival Facebook, it would make sense for them to do so.
The rumor started when Digg co-founder Kevin Rose said that a “credible source” had told him a rumor that Google was planning on launching Google Me very soon. It would be strange for the company to launch such a huge service without first hyping the product up for the masses. The story was quickly picked up by tech blogs around the net and syndicated.

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The rumor has led many to speculate as to what the Google Me platform could be. One popular guess is that the platform would further expand upon Google profiles, and attempt to make Google profiles connected throughout all of their various platforms. If Google could make their rumored “Google Me” service a real force among social networking platforms, it would go a long way toward helping the company continue to increase their advertising revenue.
With their information regarding your interests that they have already gathered, the company could potentially market very precise products to you using their social networking service. Google also recently launched their “Google Buzz” platform, which is a social networking service within itself.

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