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Google Metaweb Acquisition

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Google Metaweb Acquisition – Google is known to prepare themselves for the future, and that is exactly what they have done with the acquisition of Metaweb Technologies. The five year old San Francisco startup maintains a huge open database of details of all sorts. They are attempting to build a “smarter, more connected internet.”
Google’s acquisition of the company shows that Google is still dedicated to helping individuals search the internet. The database the company maintains, which has been named “Free Base,” is a special kind of semantic search.

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“Over time we’ve improved search by deepening our understanding of queries and web pages,” Google said. “The web isn’t merely words – it’s information about things in the real world, and understanding the relationships between real-world entities can help us deliver relevant information more quickly.”
Freebase stores information on a reported “11 million different things in the world” making it one of the largest web databases. The types of things the company stores information about includes movies, books, TV shows, celebrities, locations and companies. It will be interesting to see how Google is able to incorporate the database into their own search.

“Metaweb is a service that helps you build your website around entities and not just words,” the company said regarding their own project.
“”Because entities represent unique, real-life things, we can build a map that shows how they’re related, so you can look for things that share certain attributes, like actresses. That are under twenty. From New York.”

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