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Google New Search Algorithm After Scam News

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Google New Search Algorithm After Scam News – Websites that have been reported for giving people a poor user experience are starting to be penalized with the new algorithm that Google was worked out. The news broke shortly after one customer of a certain website told the person who sold a pair of sunglasses to them that they were counterfeit and as a result was verbally harassed by the site’s owner.

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Google has responded to the complaint from the customer in such a way that was not expected. The company says that they will be implementing ways of rooting out the “weeds” of the internet that rip people off and scam.

This new algorithm that Google is using will be able to effective detect merchants like the one that sold a customer counterfeited sunglasses as well as others who are using the same practices with customers of various goods.

The algorithm will be factored into the rankings for each website, so that the ones which have been reported for their less-than-ethical business practices will be ranked low or not at all.

Google says that they think that it will make a huge difference when it comes to the overall customer experiences online dealing with merchants that sell certain items.

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