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Google New Search Algorithm Goes After Content Farms

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Google tightened the clamp on content farms by changing its search algorithm significantly to weed out stolen or spam-like content that isn’t useful to viewers.

The company said in a statement that the revisions have caused 11.8 percent of search queries to be “noticeably” updated. That means the top two or three search results have changed.

Google insists the have not used data from a recent Chrome extension that lets users block specific sites that annoy them.

Google did say they compared the extension data with those sites hit hardest by the new search criteria and found 84 percent of the sites most blocked by Chrome users were impacted. Google declined to identify the sites.

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The changes are designed to move low-value content, or material taken from other sites, out of the top search result spots. It is likely site like Demand Media, Associated Content and Mahalo may be feeling the pinch.

It’s unclear if the fix with rectify Google’s struggle against low quality content, but it could be a death blow to content farms that have been running unrestrained for several years now.

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