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Google Nexus One Hitting Big

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Google Nexus One Hitting Big – Would you consider the Google Nexus One to be a success? Once they are completely sold out of the phone, Google has announced that they will be closing their web store, and will end their attempts to enter the phone market. The company had been attempting to weaken the control that wireless carriers have over the distribution of mobile phones. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the company will stop making phones altogether, it just means that they will not be selling them themselves anymore.

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The Nexus One launch started a turning point in Google’s shares. The company has been under-performing all year long on the stock market, and on Friday they were down as much as 6.4% after earners did not meet expectations.
Their attempt to enter the market has hurt the company in more ways than one. Hopefully Google will decide to re-enter the market at a later date. They will be continuing to provide the Android operating system for mobile phones.
Google has said that the Nexus One was never intended to be a direct competitor to smart phones. Many had assumed that they were taking aim at the Apple iPhone, but the company maintained throughout the process that they were not interested in replacing the iPhone. More than anything, it was an experiment to help the company push their Android operating systems for phones. They may have succeeded in that way, but ultimately they were unable to find their own place in the market.

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