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Google Nexus One Sprint Network

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Google Nexus One Sprint Network – After weeks of rumors surrounding Google and their plan to bring the Nexus One to other carriers, Sprint announced on Wednesday that the phone will be available with their company, and that they will announce the date that the Nexus One will be available soon. Many insiders have claimed that this shows that Sprint has shown that they are comfortable with the Google phones and the platform that Google is able to provide. It has been said that this also shows that Sprint is ready to compete with AT&T, who has had an exclusive deal with Apple to produce the iPhone for several years now.

Apple sued HTC, one of Google’s mobile partners, earlier this week for violating several of the company’s patents for the iPhone. It has not yet been announced which of the patents the company was in violation of, but many took this as a sign that Apple was willing to do what they needed to to keep their mobile revenue flowing.
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Google announced earlier this week that the Nexus One would also be available on AT&T and Rogers Wireless as well. This is a much different strategy than the one employed by Apple, which has kept the iPhone exclusive to AT&T for several years now, amid speculation that the company was planning on allowing several other carriers to offer the phone in conjunction with their service as well.
Pricing for the Nexus One has yet to be determined, and it is not clear how much the phone will cost when you agree to an agreement with each of the different carriers. If anything is certain here, its that the mobile competition has been heating up immensely in recent months and years, with Google looking for a long term piece of the pie that Apple is not ready to give up quite yet.

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