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Google Online Music Service?

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Google is pouring on the innovation as it’s rumored the search engine giant will be adding a new music service today.

Google it appears is taking a lead from Amazon that launched a music service of it’s own recently where people can upload their music to their servers as a storage device and play their tunes at their leisure via a web browser.

It’s sort of like Cloud Computing but in the sense of it’s music instead. The basics are that the stored music would be on a spare hard drive. Amazon’s service lets you store the music but not download.

Google, which is looking at new ways to expand and drive up revenue is announcing this new service and the free music service may be quite welcome to those people who don’t have the money to get extra hard drives.

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Streaming their own music from the browsers would enable users to enjoy the convenience of access and the safety of having their music stored in that cloud.

This new feature is fine and is sort of like a way that Google can add accommodations to the user. It’s a storage option and access option but not for sensitive files and data one might wish to retrieve later.

Even though you can’t download the content you upload you could still stream and record so it’s

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