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Google Online Piracy Drama

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It appears Google is again the target of scorn as lawmakers have their sights set on the search engine giant claiming that Google is public enemy No. 1 regarding online piracy.

It’s Chairman Bob Goodlatte R-Va that is pointing out Google’s foot dragging in regards to shutting out the websites that host or promote online piracy. The legislators are neck deep in complaints from companies and performers regarding the constant barrage of piracy sites in their database.

Goodlatte did point out that Google had taken some steps in the right direction but the other lawmakers as well as the effected victims don’t think it’s good enough.

Google’s General Counsel, Mr. Kent Walker took the heat for the company as lawmakers showed him examples of the criminal websites in question. Walker basically failed to give a solid answer as to his company’s inability or unwillingness to act.

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Search Engines like Google are highly complex networks, however, Google has far more than enough money to seat enough people to go into action regarding the problem but for some reason has not delegated said resources fast enough to even put a dent in the piracy campaign. Google seems to have enough money for mega corporate takeovers and such but for some strange reason not policing it’s own databases and algorithms is too tough? Perhaps if the lawmakers considered fining Google for each pirate site they find would not only solve the problem but bring in good revenue the government needs during these financially strapped times.

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