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Google PayPal for Payment Service Deal?

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Google PayPal for Payment Service Deal? – There have been rumors circulating for the last several weeks about a possible plan between online banking systems and smartphones to create the first ever full mobile payment service in the United States. The only question was who would get there first.

Now, we might have an answer, as reports are coming out that say that PayPal is in talks with Google about adding the service to their Android phones.

Ebay’s PayPal is arguably the largest and most widely used payment service online. Not only does it allow for transfers in and out of banking accounts, but their debit cards and credit cards have created a fully functional banking branch on the web.

Adding PayPal to Android phone would have an impact on both regular consumers, and those who make Google apps, making it easier than ever to be paid and send payments.

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PayPal’s shares have been rising steadily over the last quarter, with a full 22% increase, and they have been adding more accounts than ever.

Google and Ebay have both seen small drops in shares, but both remain major dominating forces on the web market.

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