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Google Shutting China Search Engine

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Google Shutting China Search Engine – It appears as if the Chinese will no longer have access to the Google search engine here soon enough. After months of arguing back and forth about various censorship issues, Google has allegedly decided to completely pull themselves out of China for the time being. Although the two sides have been actively discussing a resolution to their problems for several months now, the negotiations seem to have reached a standstill and neither side expects to be able to resolve the issues that have been raised during recent negotiations.
Google as of now will not confirm nor deny the report that they are planning on no longer allowing Chinese citizens to use their search engine. However, insiders have said that Google has made it very clear that they are willing to budge no further in the negotiations, and that Chinese citizens should expect not to have access to the search engine here in the near future.

Google shocked many when they originally threatened to pull out of China after China made outlandish filtering demands. Google would like to offer their search engine completely unfiltered to the Chinese people, but there are certain events and phrases that China wanted to be excluded from the available terms that could be searched on the Google search engine. Among these terms were search terms that related to the now famous Tienanmen Square incident, which seemed to be a sticking point for the Chinese government.
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At this point it is still unclear what Google’s final decision will be. At this point, it appears that Google will be pulling their search capabilities out of China, and that the Chinese citizens will no longer be able to use the search engine at all. Many believe that this decision will be met with protest not only by Chinese nationals, but from Chinese individuals from around the world.

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