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Google Social Search Updates

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Google is harnessing social in it’s latest wave of search updates the company said Thursday.

Introduced two years ago, the company has been gearing up to enhance the tightly integrated results from users’ social circles.

The company reportedly stated on it’s blog it’s objectives in this matter. Pointing more to better service through relevant answers among the billions of pages it searches through on the web.

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The process involves Google using data from your own profile on the company’s site as well as other social activities to connect you with relevant content produced by your associates and friends.

For example, if you search for something and a friend has had a recent experience or knowledge of it, then your friend’s data may pop up on top of the pile.

Google is obviously exploring the value of the every growing social networking that’s going on and with the popularity of such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and more, it’s hoping to utilize that data for more efficient and relative searches.

This new approach is pushing this type of social content to the top of the search engines and there’s no telling yet how this will affect results overall.

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