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Google Street View Privacy Scandal

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Google Street View Privacy Scandal – Google is now in even more trouble over the recent revelations that it collected data from households in more than thirty countries without anyone’s consent. The British Information Commissioner’s Office has requested that they are allowed to look further into the information provided, after Google admitted that the street cars that were sent around places all over the world were not only to take pictures of streets and places, but they also carried internet items that were capable of eavesdropping.

Google has stated that the data that was collected was probably done because there was an intention to use it. However, they have said that they are mortified by what has happened, and that they would like to delete the collected data as soon as possible.

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So far they have been able to delete data from places like Australia, and Honk Kong, but there are many on-going investigations that are preventing them from deleting anymore.

Apparently, the data that was collected not only contains email addresses and passwords, but also even more sensitive information such as medical conditions that certain people suffer with, as well as many other things.

There are many other countries who are investigating the data at the moment, so it is not clear when the data that is still there is going to be deleted, but reports suggest that it will be soon. This is just another example of the Big Brother world that we live in today.

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