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Google The Movie: Google Movie Coming

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Google The Movie: Google Movie Coming – A recent report has stated that Google could be receiving their first big picture that will detail the very beginning of the company. The book, “Googled: The End of the World As We Know It,” will reportedly serve as the basis for the upcoming movie. With a Facebook movie on the way, it is clear that some individuals are interested in learning about how some of the most used tools of the world today got their humble beginning and how the interworking behind the company work.

However, the story behind Google is not nearly as intriguing as all of the drama that went on in the early days of Facebook. The motto for the company is “Do No Evil,” a motto that mostly refers to the widespread power that the company has across the globe. Of course, different sets could argue back and forth regarding whether or not the company follows its own motto or not.

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However, the beginning years of Google were not nearly as intriguing. It was simply a good idea, followed by years of tweaking algorithms and coming up with sly promotional ideas to keep people coming back to their site. Eventually, the site blew up and Google went on to expand to many different sectors of the tech world.
Instead of a Google story, a movie about Apple versus Microsoft in the 1980’s would be one that would be both entertaining and interesting to watch. The Google movie feels like it will be more of a documentary than anything.

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