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Google Torrent-related Search Queries Censored

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Google has officially taken new steps to ensure that it is harder for users to search for torrent-related queries, so next time you are looking for a certain file you might be out of luck. The search engine company said that it is taking steps towards what it calls making copyright function better on the web.

The company states that with certain autocomplete features the torrent listings will no longer appear, so users will have to put in a little more effort when trying to find torrents.

Although it is true that there are certain websites to go to for torrents, some people still use search engines like Google to find them.

The website TorrentFreak ended up breaking the story, stating that the problem with Google’s new initiative is that no version of the word “torrent” will be compatible with an instant search or the software such as BitTorrent or uTorrent.
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Even though the popular file sharing websites Megaupload and Rapidshare have been blocked, MediaFire and HotFile still have not.

RapidShare has comment on the recent move by Google, claiming that they knew about it for weeks and are concerned for their users because of the fact that many of them will have nowhere to go for access to these types of files.

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