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Google TV Beta

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Google TV Beta – Google doesn’t just want to be your source for information when your using your computer and mobile phones, they would also like a piece of the television pie as well. At their latest I/O conference, Google announced a new product that they have been developing with a number of other companies including Sony and Logitech. The new piece of hardware will come in a box that will reportedly be very similar to the cable boxes that are currently being used by television providers. The box will be running on the Android operating system, and will allow users to not only browse their channels that they are subscribed to, but will also allow users to surf the web easily while they are sitting in front of their TV.

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The software will reportedly be search driven, as opposed to having users browse through lists to find what they want. They can enter a number of terms into the search box to find out what is being broadcast both on their television stations and on the web. Users will also be able to access Google’s YouTube through Google TV. Third Party developers will also be able to write apps for the medium, which should open up developers to a plethora of new ideas on how to use their giant television screens.
Google said that they decided to go ahead with the project in an effort to bridge television and the web in a way that would be beneficial for both the companies involved, and the users themselves. There will reportedly be a desktop, or “home screen”, where the user can add bookmarks to their favorite apps, websites, channels, and television shows.
Users will also be able to browse the web while they view their television channels, by placing one of the objects in the lower corner of the screen.

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