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Google TV Box Logitech

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Google TV Box Logitech – Logitech announced on Wednesday that it would be releasing their Revue set-top box, which will be the first consumer product to take advantage of Google’s new internet television system. The Revue was announced at the Google I/O conference in May, but the company has not released any further details since that time. They are hoping to take advantage of the coming wave of TV set-top boxes that will allow users to download apps for use on their TV screen.

The device is available for preorder on the Logitech website for a total of $300. Dish Network will also have advanced integration with the Revue Box, and Dish Network subscribers will receive a reduced rate of $179 for the box.

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They are scheduled to ship out to customers by the end of October. The device will be available in Best Buy stores as well. Google TV was announced in May, and is an Android based software that will allow your television set to run videos, apps, and access the internet easily. Users are going to be able to move through regular television just as they normally would, but then will be able to switch over and use the Google device seamlessly, even using the available search functions to find what is on TV or is stored on their DVR.

Many have said that this marks a new era in television, which has continued to evolve. There are many different website that already have television content available, that will likely attempt to strike deals with the set-top box companies in order to deliver content.

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