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Google TV Logitech Delay

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There are multiple rumors going around that Google will be taking over when it comes to internet TV software, as the company is expected to start releasing it in January of 2011.

Logitech has not reported any change in their sales and has not yet commented on all of the rumors that have been going around about Google and their intentions when it comes to internet television.

Google TV has been in the works for a long time and it is no secret that they have spent a while developing the technology to get it just right.

A spokeswoman for Google recently said that they are looking forward to working with multiple companies when it comes to bringing new and exciting devices to the market.

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Among the companies that have come out supporting Google is Sony who has announced that it will be behind this company all the way when it comes to helping them to develop this software.

What is clear though is that all these rumors Google TV rumors have not stopped Apple from doing well with sales of Apple TV, pushing millions of units over a remarkably short period of time.

Official sales figures have not yet been released for many of the TV software products that are on the market right now, but it is clear that Google plans on having a place in all of this new technology.

We will have to wait and see, how all of this will work out, early Google TV reviews have been pretty negative.

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