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Google TV On Sony

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Google TV On Sony – Sony recently released its newest television screen, and is certainly hoping that by partnering with Google, the company will find a niche that any other company has yet to fill. The TVs come equipped with Google TV software, which allows users to brows Hulu, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and Pandora straight from their living room without using a computer. The TV also contains a search engine and numerous different Android apps, all powered by Google.

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However, there is one thing left to be desired with Sony’s newest technology. It seems that the remote has caused a bit of controversy over its design, especially since it looks something like a cross between a PlayStation 3 controller and a QWERTY keyboard. Some tech experts are wondering just how well the complicated remote will be received by those who may not consider themselves quite up to snuff on the technology side of things.

The TVs are being released on Saturday, with purchase available from and in BestBuy stores across the country. This weekend will be the determining factor for whether or not consumers are ready and wanting a TV that can surf the Internet.

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