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Google Underwear Scandal: Google Sued For Photographing Japanese Woman Undies

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A woman who was photographed in her underwear on Google Street View is now suing the search engine for taking a picture of her without consent. She says that her anxiety was overwhelming when she discovered the photograph on street cam. She claims at first she thought that she might have been the victim of some sort of sex crime, but later discovered that it was nothing more than Google Street View.
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Privacy advocates around the world have been long condemning the efforts made by Google to provide these types of applications to users, including Google Street View and Google Earth, which they say are invasions of privacy.

Ever since Google introduced Street View, it has come under fire for breach of privacy which because thousands if not millions of people have been photographed without their consent as a result of the application.

Google has stated that it was not their intention to invade the privacy of anyone and that all Street View photos are taken in public.

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