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Google Verizon Deal: Endangering Net Neutrality?

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Google Verizon Deal: Endangering Net Neutrality? – After days or rumors about a possible deal in the works, Google and Verizon have released a joint proposal offering recommendations on net neutrality for policy makers at the FCC, as well as an outline on how Google traffic would be handled through Verizon’s network.

The original rumors were that a business deal was in the works, which both companies denied. Instead, the proposal is specifically made for the FCC, which would keep providers or wired Internet from “engaging in undue discrimination against any lawful Internet content, application, or service in a manner that causes meaningful harm to competition or to users.”

However, it would not affect wireless broadband.
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“We both recognize that wireless broadband is different from the traditional wireline world, in part because the mobile marketplace is more competitive and changing rapidly,” a statement said.

Net Neutrality has long since been a heavily debated topic, especially between providers who currently block traffic or give preferential treatment to large corporations. They have also been criticized for cutting down the allocated download speed of users if they are found to be using file sharing agents.

Under these new policies, they would be forced to give equal traffic, as well as provide open details of their speeds and costs.

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