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Google Voice:The Voice

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Google Voice:The Voice – Good Voice has finally gone public for all to use. The web based calling platform is available to the public after a year long testing period. The service is currently free, and provides each of the users with a phone number that redirects incoming calls to your mobile phone, home, or office phone numbers. People have found many different uses for the service, which primarily focuses on using the service in a business setting.

A number of other features are also provided to the user through the service. These features include voicemail text transcriptions, which allow for Google to send you a transcript of the voicemail through either text or email. Many users have stated that they hate having to take so much time to listen to all of their voicemails, and having them sent to them in a text format will help them stay on top of their messages.

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They also allow free outbound domestic calls, super low cost international calls, and free conference call features. The service was originally named Grand Central, which was a small startup company that Google purchased in 2007. But it was then renamed and launched in an invite-only beta, which has continued to garner media attention and grow since its inception.
For now, users will need to already have established a phone service of some kind in order to use Google Voice. These services can be connected to either a mobile or a landline phone, allowing users to set up a Google Voice account for their business.

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