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Google Youtube Copyright School

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As if Google doesn’t have enough to do now they’re cracking down on YouTube video users with a requirement that violators have to watch a copyright tutorial and pass a test if they want to go back and post any new videos.

It’s like when you were a kid and threw a spitball in class you had to stay after school and write a hundred times on a blackboard that you wouldn’t throw spitballs in class.

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This is a proactive step, although comical, to not only discipline users but also for YouTube and Google to cover their butts.

They don’t want to end up in anymore major copyright violation lawsuits as each claim costs a fortune in legal fees. So instead they’re implementing this procedure to ensure that the users who do violate have established that they do know the rules or they’ll be banished to the realm of the ice elves or something.

It’s called the “YouTube Copyright School” which necessitates watching their educational and terms of service tutorials to make sure you know what you’re doing before posting videos on YouTube. Google and YouTube should have done something like this from the start but that probably wouldn’t have gotten them so popular in the first place.

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