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Google’s Universal Library Rejected By Judge

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Google has hit a federal roadblock in it’s attempts to establish the first universal library which would be archiving all the books ever published on Earth.

The reason the federal judge blocked Google on Tuesday was because the settlement deal Google had put out for publishers was too far in granting Google control over the digitization of the books.

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Judge Denny Chin of the US District Court in New York City wrote in his 48 page ruling, “The question presented is whether the settlement agreement is fair, adequate, and reasonable,” and added, “I conclude that it is not.”

Google says that their reason for the project is “to organize the world’s information and make it universal accessible and useful.”Google had already cut deals with some libraries in 2004 to now hold more than 12 million publications.

The deal that Google chose with the publishers didn’t please everyone and lawsuits started flying. That led to such controversy and confusion that the court just didn’t see things Google’s way and that means they’ll have to go at it another way.

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