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Griffin Motif Iphone 4:Belkin Shield Micra For Iphone 4

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Griffin Motif Iphone 4:Belkin Shield Micra For Iphone 4 – Apple will be giving customers who have purchased the iPhone 4 a free case that will supposedly alleviate the reception issues that have plagued the device since its release.

The Cupertino company will be offering their own Apple case, and will also offer a number of cases that are created by third-party manufacturers. One of the most popular third-party cases is the Griffin Motif. The case has seen increased attention since the company announced they would be giving away cases.

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Every case is free and Apple has stated that any case that is offered within their program will fix the problems with the device. Each customer is allotted one free case, so it is important that you decide which case you want before moving forward.

The Incase Snap Case is another popular choice among iPhone users. The company has not released many details about the case, but it will fit snuggly around the phone and will fix any reception issues that your phone may have. It will likely be offered in a number of different colors, but details regarding the color schemes have not been released as of yet.

The Griffin Motif isn’t the best looking case, but is one of the most effective. The case keeps the iPhone safe if it is dropped, and is one of the sturdiest that is currently available. The Griffin Motif is a hot choice among Apple customers, and will be one of the most heavily ordered cases.

A second case from Griffin, the griffin Reveal, is a one piece polycarbonate that also has a thin rubber interior. It only comes in black, but has been garnering attention since Apple announced that it would be included in their giveaway.

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