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Guess My Age

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Guess My Age – Guess My Age has recently set itself apart from other similar sites online, making itself the number one age guessing site on the Internet. The site is very addictive in its nature, and is very simple to use. The site is very simple to use, too. The site will display a photo from one of the users online. Above the picture, the web site has provided a text box that will allow you to enter the age that you think the person in the picture is. You hit submit and the site will load, displaying the old picture along with the persons real age, and the average age of all of the guesses that have been placed into the system so far. Along with the answers to the last picture, the site will also display a new picture of a new individual, and allow you to guess their age as well.

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Do you think you have what it takes to guess ages accurately? You may be surprised by some of the ages that you find on the website. While the website is not currently allowing users to log in and sign up for their service, it is believed that they will be turning the website into a community in the future, and will allow you to take part in discussion between the members providing the picture for you to guess.

You may be surprised by a number of the ages that you find on the site. Some people look substantially older or younger than the picture that is shown! Keep in mind that a lot of people may submit pictures from different angles to deceive the users into guessing an age that is completely wrong.

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