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H8torade: Sara Saco-Vertiz Crashes

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H8torade: Sara Saco-Vertiz Crashes – is a well known website famous for its funny pictures, videos and stories.

Basically H8torade is the perfect place to get a good laugh at people who do crazy sh*t like Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin.

But today is out of service due to traffic overload. Why did the server crash?
Well you may have heard of a young lady named Sara Saco-Vertiz who has a chicken of boyfriend named Bo Wyble who ducked out of the way and let a foul ball hit his lady at a Houston Astros match few days ago.

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In a recent appearance on CBS’ “The Early Show,” Sarah Saco-Vertiz, told Harry Smith that she was fine but it was over between the duo.
She said,
“All right. Well, I mean it’s not over because of the ball.”

Sarah Saco-Vertiz should have never said these words because Bo Wyble has decided to post some of her naughty pictures on H8torade and therefore making the server crash.

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